Specialty Services

Every patient recieves a complete assessment including alignment, posture, muscular tightness. strength and identification of functional limitations. The assessment will then be evaluated to determine the most effective treatment plan, individualized to meet each patient's needs. 

We are able to treat a wide variety of diagnoses. If you have questions about whether we can meet your needs, please call us at (616) 522-0066. If our receptionist is unable to answer your questions, one of our therapists will be able to discuss your case with you. 


Physical Therapists in our clinic have taken advanced training in the following specialties:


Vestibular Conditions: The goal of vestibular rehabilitation is to decrease dizziness and feelings of imbalance in patients with a diagnosed vestibular dysfunction. Following an extensive evlauation, our therapists will determine which treatment will be most effective. These treatments may include: Repositioning Manuvers, Habituation Exercises and Balance Exercises.




Women's Health Conditions:  Our therapist has been trained to treat a variety of women's health conditions including incontinence, pelvic pain, back pain, problems following c-section, hysterectomy or other abdomianl surgery and pregnancy related pain. Treatment includes a thorough evaluation, education about the bladder, pelvic floow muscles, normal urination patterns, exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and biofeedback to visually help you learn to use your pelvic floor muscles correctly. You will be instructed in a home program to restore pelvic balance and return you to the daily activities you enjoy. 


McKenzie Treatment Approach: The McKenzie approach is a specialty  that evaluates and treats primarily neck, mid and low back pain. The symptoms and mechanics of movement of these areas are assessed to determine the probable cause of pain and specific direction of movement that will reduce that pain and restore function. The individual is also taught how to treduce the risk of the return of thier pain and how to manage it if it does return through proper posture, body mechanics and exercise.



Balance and Fall Prevention: Balance deficits are significant problems in the aging population and increase their risk of falls. We offer balance tests and fall risk screens to patients and subsequently set up individualized programs concentrating on the patient's specific weakness and functional limitation. We use a variety of activities to improve balance in the clinic, including our Biodex Balance System,  and provide the patient with an individual home exercise program. 





Pediatric Conditions: Our therapists have been trained to treat a variety of pediatric conditions including developmental delay, joint pain, infant torticollis and sports medicine conditions. Treatment is tailored to each child's age and abilities and turn strengthening and balance exercises into games that will engage the child and keep their attention. 



Hand Conditions: Disabilities of the hand can be the most functiaonlly limiting. Goals of hour hand therapy program include decreasing pain, restoring range of motion, increasing strength and education on joint protection principles. We have specialized programs (Joint Repositioning and Joint Protection Principles) which are effective for treating the arthritic thumb joints. In addition we are able to treat post-surgical conditions and overuse injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tenosynovitis. 


COPD and Cardiac Conditions: Our physical therapists can teach individuals to live and breathe better when they are diagnosed with chronic lung disase or a heart condition. Goals of our treatment aim to help these individuals get stronger and return them to their favorite activities. We will perform a thorough evaluation and design a program tailored to the patien'ts specific needs. Treatment may include strengthening, stretching aerobic conditions, balance exercises and pain control. While exercising our staff is trained to monitor oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressure to ensure safe treatment. 


Parkinson's Disease: Our trained staff will provide our patients with measures to decrease symptoms related to Parkinson's disease such as dystonia, freezing management, rigidiy, muslce spasms, weakness, posture, balance concerns and fall prevention. Upon completion of therapy, each patient will be set up on a home exercise program for continued success outside of the clinic. 



Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain and Headaches: TMJ and headache pain can severely limit a person's function and quality of life. Our therapists will evaluate each patient for alignment and strength imbalances as well as postural defecits affecting these areas. Treatment techniques such as ultrasound, massage and joint mobilizations are used to reduce pain and tightness. The patient will also be educated in lifestyle modifications to reduce symptoms.